Being You

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As a teen girl, you’re likely under a lot of pressure at home, at school, and in a confusing world of frenemies and social media. It can be hard to figure out what you really want to do and who you really want to be.

In this book, you’ll learn about the many benefits of practicing mindfulness, from reducing stress to improving relationships. You’ll be inspired by girls and women who use mindfulness in the visual and performing arts, sports, and STEM. Most importantly, you’ll try it yourself. There are dozens of different exercises and activities, ranging from fun ways to explore the five senses to strategies for coping when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Practicing mindfulness can help you feel happier and less stressed as you grow into the woman you want to become. This book will show you how.

Praise for 'Being You'

from Good Reads:

"First of all, where was this book back when I was a girl? It would have been a great help to me as I was struggling through my tween, teen, and young adult years. Even though I am an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed it now. It's packed full of helpful information without being overwhelming. The chapters are short enough to hold a young girls attention. I love the interactiveness of this book. It starts off with a quiz, ends with a quiz and has 52 activities in between; this is where you practice what you have read and learned. The activities help you delve into you to become a more mindful person, of yourself and others."

"This book is a valuable introduction to mindfulness for teenage girls. The conversational tone used throughout the book makes it easy and fun to read. The mindfulness-based exercises offered are practical and relevant for teenage girls today. The author cites many personal anecdotes from her own teenage years, offering understanding and compassion for what the teenage reader might be experiencing. As a children’s mindfulness facilitator, I highly recommend this book for all teenage girls."

from Amazon:

"I wish I'd had this resource when I was growing up. I'm thrilled to have it as I raise my teen daughter and work with teenage girls at my high school. Cannot recommend more highly. Full of wonderful activities, written in a super accessible form. Just wonderful."

"My daughters enjoyed the many easy to follow activities that are laid out in very accessible ways. I loved how the author gave examples from her own teenage years as well as teens in the midst of it all right now. Definitely relatable and applicable!"

"As the mother of a teen girl and teacher of adolescents, I was impressed with the breadth of the topics covered. Being You does not talk down to teens; rather, it acknowledges the authentic feelings of our girls while guiding them to express what they want and need in productive ways. I began to read this book to preview it for the teenagers in my life, but I soon found the information, examples, and exercises compelling enough to read for my benefit. Mindful eating, sensory experiences, breathing exercises, and expressing gratitude are among the engaging topics in this book. I highly recommend this book to teens, parents, teachers, and all others who care about supporting the emotional health of teens."

I share my perspective on mindfulness and self-care in the following interviews:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Mindfulness Is a Practice, Not a Perfect
Quotes from Teen Girls About the Benefits of Mindfulness

Chapter 2: Savoring Pleasant Moments
The Five Senses: Focusing on What You Can Touch

Chapter 3: Stressed, Depressed, and Quite a Mess

Chapter 5: One Breath at a Time

Chapter 7: THINK Before You Speak . . . or Text or Insta Anything
Activity 33: How Mindful Am I Online?

Chapter 8: Empathy and Compassion
Activity 37: Lovingkindness Meditation

Chapter 9: An Attitude of Gratitude
Be Grateful in All Things

Chapter 10: Sharing Your Gifts with the World

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Being You: A Girl's Guide to Mindfulness

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